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Foto by Johan Linder

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I'm confused. ...

I'm confused. I know that I often think too much about things when I have a specific thought. So all day I've been thinking about something and it's making me really confused. I havn't been able to talk to my friends and havn't been able to do anything today because of this.


good morning. I'm going to the gym today, feeling good. Meeting up a freind there so that's fun.

A came home from Mexico and Miami yesterday, talked a while but not that long :( I want her to tell me everything about it!!!


I ate lots of cakes and other  things at my dad's girlfriends somethings place. :) Gooodie..


I <3 Simon Dumont


I'm talking to FvS, we are talking shit and laughing.

I'm going to the gym today, planning on leaving my house at 11, start at 11.30 and then be done at 13.00 to go to my drivinglesson at 13.50. After my drivinglesson I'm just going to take the bus home and chill out until I'm going down to the trainstation to meet up B, we are going to foodshop and then get home to my place and make a beautiful and goooood dinner :)


I met some friends today, we went to a café in stockholm and talked for about 3 hours. The time pasted by so fast but we had a lot of fun so that's nice :) Not much more today sorry ;D..

I went to the gym at 11, ran for about 20 minutes to warm up and get my body going. That I got started and it felt really good afterwards. I think I'm going tomorrow aswell, I really want to become more fit! :) Believe it or not, but I'm liking the gym! :D

I need to relax tomorrow! I have my driving lesson at 13.50. So before that I'm going to chill out at home, eat brunch and maybe clean up the mess in my room. hehe.. R can tell you what a mess it is! Gosh. Tomorrow night I'm going to hang out with B, we are going to make a nice dinner and just talk the hole night! :D Love it.

On saturday I don't have any plans at all, feels soooo nice. Guess I'm going to go shopping, take a cup of coffee with some friends and just have a really nice (not hung over) saturday.

But I have some work to do before monday and next sunday so I'll probably get started on that on saturday or sunday. It takes a lot of time to prepare for different jobs. I never tell you what a "hard working" girl I am. But guess you understand that. ;) Due to what happend to me last spring I havn't been able to take on so much work, I really want to, but I'm not able to. Sometimes I just need a day or two to chill out and set my mind on other things than work, what I have to do and what I havn't done. It's really hard to explain, but I bet that some people know what I'm talking about.

Funkhouser baby

Not in the mood to wake  up at 6 am and later have nothing to do. I'm going to the gym in about 3 hours. Having lunch with R. But after that I really don't have anything to do!?

I got my nails done yesterday, they look beautiful! Got 4 different nailcolors on, but they are all transparent so you can see the french under it. I want to get a pedikyr but I don't know where in stockholm to go, there are a lot of them but which ones are any good? My hand's look awful aswell, i have scratches from skiing and all sort of other things and my body is hurting aswell (from skiing).

I'm having a cup of coffeeeee right now so guess I'm going to wake up soon :)

The new Eddie Funkhouser collection came in november, but I only have some of the things from it, sadly enough. But I'm getting some of the products soon. I have the new brush-set, which contains a foundationbrush, a creasebrush, an all over eye brush, an eyeliner brush, a concealerbrush and a lipbrush. They are sooo fantastic. Look on to see it all!

All for now.

Laura Pausini - Il mio sbaglio più grande

I don't get a word of what she is saying/singing...

Laura Pausini - Il mio sbaglio più grande


I'm going to get my nails done today, yaaay. Can't stand when they look like crap!

More than that is to much planning for me. I'll se what the day brings me.

Right now I'm sitting next to my mom who's working. I don't know but I think that I'm bothering her a little bit. So I'll blog some more later..

seee ya

skiday #5

Went skiing today with my brother and 3 of his friends. We went to Kungsberget where they have some rails, boxes and some small jumps. I didn't do anything I didn't do last season, but this was the warming up part. I didn't get any pics from today or this sunday but hmmm, guess I'm going to take even more pics next time!?

My brother was better than I though he would be, but I was better ;) haha...

Good Morning

I just woke up, feeling good.

Skiday #4

My fingers are hurting so bad after our nice skisession today. Fell in a really wierd way so I lost my poles and was skiing on my back. :P Get it or not, I'm not going to write an essay about today because of this.

But this was the first time I skied on a "mountain". The times before this it was in my biiiig garden. haha.. We jumped a little bit but I took it careful due to my previous injuries from skiing.  But I had a lot of fun and hopefully I'll ski some more soon! ;)

Duffy - cry to me

today started of well, but now I'm feeling lost and confused. I don't know what. I'm just going to have to sleep the day away I think. I'm going skiing tomorrow for the first time in a while. I'm going with Ab and his friends. We are driving up there and they are picking me up at 06.30. Pjuuuh.

Duffy - Cry to me


Went to the gym today, felt good after spending 1 hour there. After that we went swimming for a while.But that's everything I've done today. Lazy as I am, hehe. Have to do some thing tomorrow but otherwise it's chilling for me. :) you?


So when we got to the metropolitan hotel we got started with our make-up, hair and you know, everything we girls have to do before a big night out! It took us about 2 hours to get ready but we had lots of time so that was good. When everyone was ready to go we went down to the Met bar were we had a couple of drinks and some food. Then we went to the club, Vendome. Some people were talking and told us that Sugarbabes and Kate Moss were going to show up. If they did, I don't know. We didn't spend too much time dancing, think it was because we had to spend a minimum of £1000 that night. We had the time of our lifes!

When we got back to the hotel I fell asleep on the couch and our friend for london fell asleep on the toilet hahahahah.. I woke up at about 8 and wondered why I was sleeping on the couch... Wooops.

I like london.

Home S Home

I'm back in stockholm sweden. The trip home was fine, the plane was delayed for 1 hour. Have so much to write about but we are going out soon for dinner so I don't have time to even start writing about it. Sorry. :)

But I will tell you about it! :)

london #3

We are sitting in the appartment now, we just found out that we are spending the night at Metropolitan hotel but the party is still a secret.

When we were walking trough the garage we saw mercedes, rolls royce, ferraris and a lot of other nice cars. I'm impressed.

Today we went to a really nice prada store, didn't spent too much time there though. Right after we went there we went to a winetasting place, me and B only tried white wines, but it was really nice, found some we really liked!! We had some absinthe and Bombay saphire aswell, niiiice.

Tell you more about it tomorrow! :)


London #1#2

So we got to london yesterday, after some shopping in liverpool. liverpool was fun, cold, but fun. the trainstation was the worst, cold as bloody hell or brass monkeys, as they would say in england.

When we got to london we got a tour of the hole west end, were all the prada, burberry, chanel, gucci and all those stores are located. then we went to an english pub and had a beer, it was fun experience that hehe.. Later on we met some friends of g's. We had dinner at a nice (other) english pub. it was a lot of traveling this monday and B and I was really tired after a hole day. So we were just chilling in the appartment we are staying in.

Today we went shopping. first we went to selfridges, we spent about 3 hours there and we ended up with some clothes from DKNY, Marc Jacobs and some other great designers. Then we went to bond st, new bond st, regent st and some other places. We went in to a D&G store, they hade really nice underwear there, so I got some :):). we had some lunch and then we got lost in china town.

That's all for now, write some more later.....

New years is still a surprise!?


Yaaay, cuz' I have a pink passport! Haha, not yay I will say. My mum have my passport in a safetybox in the bank, and the bank will be open on monday, the day I'll be on the plane to England. So I got an "emergency passport". And it's pink.



When I was working about 1 month ago with an actingjob I got so dirty and I couldn't find any time to do the dirtywork afterwards. So I had to do it today so I can bring my shoes to London. So this is like 1 hours ago.


And this is my stupid arm, it's hurting. But I guess that you wanted to see a picture of it? :P hahah


Good bye, hello

I'm leaving my beloved sweden tomorrow to go partying in London with B. We are going to the best of the best clubs all over London and we are going to party more than ever! I'm super excited and can't wait to get on the airplane tomorrow. We will arrive in london around 17. Meet up with my freind G and go out for a nice dinner.

The 30th we will go out shopping all day! And ofcourse some kick-ass partying later.
The 31th I don't know what my freind G have been planning on doing, he says that we will be stoked and that we have to be really GLAM! :)
The 1st we are going to rest all day I think hehe.. And the 2nd we are going home to sweden again...

Good Bye Stureplan, Sweden hello Top notch London!



I'm going shopping today ;D yaaaay. Got some money on christmas so I'm out today hehe.. Hopefully I'll find something :) want a nice jacket that is a little bit more dressed up than my coat I have.

What are your plans for tonight? I don't know yet.

:) or not

So, I was out partying yesterday. Fun, dumb and other stuff happend. Someone smashed a door at my arm, so it's hurting really bad. Uhm, I was partying with some friends. I was drinking. Totally normal.

I went to the emergency this morning, nothing was broken (which I knew). But I got some painkillers! Good thing. I'll post a picture later. It's a lot of bruices and stuff :(.

In 30 minutes I'm going to a familydinner with..... my family. I'll eat until I die I think, have been eating soooooo much food lately hahahaha.. Yamiiie. It's like the only thing I've been doing :D

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